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Does your home or business need a fresh coat of paint? Time to repaint your exterior? Need drywall repaired or gutters cleaned?

We deliver exactly what you expect from professional painters who care about your home or business property. Whether you want to liven up the look of your living room or brighten your business space, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Need more than a coat of paint? We can do that

Think of Teaberry as your single source for additional services you need to keep your home or business in good condition. Whether it’s drywall repairs, carpentry projects, window washing or gutter cleanouts, your Teaberry team knows how to get the job done and done right.

We add a clear description of additional services you want to your Teaberry proposal. That means you get a complete description of services we provide and costs for your specific project.

We say what we do, and we do what we say at Teaberry.

Need more than a coat of paint? We can do that
Get Your Project Done

Get your project done right from start to finish

We know you want more than a great price to get your home or business freshened up. That’s why you contact professional painters like Teaberry Painting. We make sure you get quality work, done on time, by a team you can depend on to take care of your property.

You can count on us to manage your project and deliver final results that go beyond your expectations. Whether it’s a living room, an entire townhome complex or a commercial property, we make sure to plan, organize and complete your project on time and on spec.

Our customer service promise

  • Arrive on time, every time.
  • Get a detailed proposal in minutes with choices to fit your budget.
  • Start and complete work on schedule.
  • Meet expectations from start to finish.
  • Clean up the worksite completely.
  • Remove all work debris before a job is complete.
  • Deliver a positive customer experience before, during and after each project.
Customer service promise

No other company matches up to Teaberry Painting

Our approach starts with a simple motto: Say what we do and do what we say. It inspires us to take care of your home or business like we expect others to take care of our property.

Here’s what sets Teaberry Painting apart from other painting businesses.


Quality – Get the results you expect from quality work done by professional painters who care about you and your property.


Service – Count on on-time arrivals, on-estimate cost, on-the-spot clean-up and ongoing answers to your questions before, during and after your project.


Price – We provide you good competitive prices for the quality results that you need.


Choice – Get a detailed proposal in minutes with choices to fit your budget.

Teaberry Painting

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Complete proposals on the spot

Complete proposals on the spot

No other painting contractor gives you a detailed description and total cost for your project like Teaberry Painting. During our initial visit with you, we collect all the information we need to prepare a written proposal in minutes.

You get an easy-to-read description of everything we provide to complete your job to your satisfaction. It even includes a breakdown of options – like paint products and coating choices – so you can decide what works best for your budget and needs.

We answer all your questions during our free consultation and make sure you understand all the steps we take to do your project right from start to finish.

Let’s get started

Take the next steps to bring a Teaberry team to your home or business and deliver the kind of experience you deserve from professional painters like ours.


Schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with our professional contractor


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