Teaberry Painting is the best painting contractor in Colorado. This isn’t breaking news, but the housing market in Colorado is mirroring the rest of the United States because it is going crazy.

This means homeowners considering selling their homes now are searching for the best in Colorado. Who is the best local painting contractor in Colorado is the one we care about because while this may seem like a bragging point.

How do we know? We read our reviews and are proud of our stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve been involved with the BBB since 2009, and we still have an A+ rating, which shows that we are doing something right. When someone searches “best residential painting contractor in Colorado,” Teaberry Painting comes up on the first page. 

According to the Colorado Association of REALTORS, Colorado has “record-low inventory,” combined with “insatiable buyer demand, ” making for a tumultuous house market. 

Statewide, there were just shy of 4,900 single-family active listings and another 1,292 condo/townhomes, down 41.6% and 63.2% from a year ago, respectively. The months’ supply of inventory also dipped to a statewide record low at 0.6 months for single-family homes (-40% from a year prior) and 0.5 months for condo/townhomes (-64.3% from a year prior).

That is a ton of fancy talk to say, “Many Colorado residents are looking to improve their home with better insulation, plumbing, irrigation, and painting.” Where do they look to add color to their investment? Not all painting contractors are created equal, and it shows in their work.

Referrals are big for Painting Contractors

The secret of any business in any industry is the magic of referrals. We can brag until we are blue in the face–or Cerulean, Azure, Lapis, Denim (see, we’re pros here)—that Teaberry is the best painting contractor in the state, but who would listen? Read our reviews and pay attention to the recommendations. Teaberry–or any other painting contractor in Colorado–wouldn’t exist without satisfied clients leaving us five star reviews. 

Every homeowner we meet is asked to consider a review. We’re confident in our team ability and their work. You should be able to ask for a referral from all of your customers. That’s confidence and proof of a good product. That’s living up to our promise to care about you and your property. 

Among painting contractors in Colorado, Teaberry is the gold standard. That’s why when someone in Durango or Denver, Aurora to Arvent, searches for the “best exterior painting contractors near me,” they’ll find us. People talk about our work. They take pictures of our work, and share them on social media. Then they share those images. We couldn’t be happier about that, but we never get comfortable with the praises of our customers. If we did, we wouldn’t try so hard to get more. 

Teaberry Painting is all about People

Any painting contractor can say they have a collective amount of years of experience, or that they excel in surpassing client expectations.

They have the same messages on their websites about a commitment to quality, professional workers, and award-winning service. However, when those people come to your house to deliver that quality and service, they must reflect those accolades. If you read those reviews, you’ll sometimes discover that doesn’t usually happen. 

Are they with you every step of the way? Do they plan with you, include you in the decisions, or keep you updated during the tasks connected to your scope of business? No other local painting contractor matches Teaberry Painting’s commitment to customer service.

We have often said that we offer services beyond a coat of paint. You can turn to Teaberry Painting as your one source to give your property a fresh, clean look. In addition to painting interiors and exteriors, we offer a full range of services to keep your home or business in good condition.

While we’re on your property, you can take advantage of additional services, like drywall repairs, carpentry projects, window washing, and gutter cleanouts. Your Teaberry proposal gives you a clear picture of how much each service costs. No guesswork on estimates.

No thoughts of incompetence, similar to the feeling when you leave that one restaurant drive-thru. Homeowners are unique, each with a different set of standards and a list of goals.

We do what we say.

Our people and those we serve are why our service is different. No other commercial or residential painting contractor in Colorado comes close to Teaberry Painting.

Our founder created Teaberry Painting under one banner: “Say what we do and do what we say.” Truth is what propels Teaberry to become the best painting contractor in Colorado.

If we say we’ll be the best, we will do it. It’s our foundation and we don’t even have to paint you a picture to prove it. (We will, but that’s a different story.)