A long time ago in a land far away there were these strange oddities called phone books and that’s how the more seasoned folk among us found “exterior painters near me.” This is why today, some painting businesses, locksmiths, or other trades have peculiar names like “A1-this” and “AAA-that.” The prime real estate in a phone book was the first listing. Fast forward to today, being on the first page of Google is where everyone wants to be in their industry. 

If you are a commercial painting contractor, you want to be right under the ads on the first page of Google. As any business owner knows, the best place to hide a dead body is page three of Google. No one goes there, like ever! Getting on that first page of Google is difficult. It’s not something you just do. You can pay for an ad, but it can be costly. You must earn that real estate with better content and optimizing copy on your website. 

You got tired of reading that, didn’t you? We understand because many business owners are in the same boat, so we need to understand “Local SEO.” Simply put, Local SEO is a marketing strategy that helps any business owner the opportunity to optimize their website for better visibility in local and neighboring communities. 

When a potential customer searches for a commercial painting company, they use two magic words, like “Exterior painters near me” or “Interior house painters near me.” Did you know almost 50% of all Google searches are made with local intent? There are 8.5 billion Google searches daily, and 50% of those may include “near me.” And, when you are part of a $37 billion industry, as painting is, you need to learn how to master the “near me” search. 

For the many franchise owners we support at Teaberry Painting, we don’t just help them build their business, but we help them market it too. Here are some foolproof ways we have learned how to be found when any potential consumer searches for “exterior painters near me.” 



Google Business Profile

If someone is searching for interior commercial painters near me, followed by them finding you and calling for a quote, it is the fruit of having a free Google Business Profile. It is free for any painting businesses in your area, so why not do it? 

With one of these gifts from the technology gods, your painting business or franchise will benefit from a “Local Pack.” When anything “near me” is searched, you may find a map of pins with locations, a local business profile, and even a snippet featuring a section from a website. If you have ever wondered how to be seen among an “exterior painters near me” search, it starts with the freebies Google provides. Take advantage of them. 

Make Customer Feedback Visible

If you are scared of that statement, you have some problems that require immediate attention. If a client is upset with any of the many painting businesses in your area, they will gripe and post it so everyone can read it. However, hiding those comments will make prospects skeptical of your business practices. If you believe in your business and stand for your team’s work, make all comments visible. 

No one is perfect, and comments will show that, but one of those most surefire ways to have people choose your commercial painting company over another is through customer reviews. They create trust you don’t have time to earn. Build up that section of a third-party website the best you can. Whether it’s numbers or a star rating, the higher it is, the better your business and search engine results. 

The ubiquity of “near me” searches are growing daily online, and your business needs to be one of the top painting businesses to leverage that in your favor. Our franchisees at Teaberry Painting understand how to use those best practices for their local business because we know their importance and how search engine results will sway their target audiences. The next time someone in your town searches for “exterior painting near me,” search engine results will be in your favor. 


While you are painting like Picasso or Da Vince inside or outside someone’s home, other people haven’t even heard of your business and are searching for someone to do the same for their home. When they are exploring “interior house painters near me,” you want that search to lead back to you and your company.

When it comes to your digital presence, you need to think of that of the most viewed billboard you own. What must be on that billboard to convert interest into sales? Things like research how to optimize photos, ensure your website is “mobile responsive” because most people search by phone, and create a different web page for each business location. These are all methods by which you can get a leg up to outrun your competition. We can teach you how. Ask us today!