Whether you are in the final stages of building a new home, remodeling or looking to breathe life into the exterior of your house, figuring out the cost of painting a house can be both overwhelming and costly. 

However, there are several specific ways you can save money if you know what to expect before starting or at least understand the average cost of painting a house, in general. 

Professional Painting Service Costs

The cost of painting a house exterior is different from the cost of painting a house interior. On average, a professional like Teaberry Painting will charge between $1 and $4 per square foot. 

So, what is the average cost of painting a house exterior? 

If the above calculations are used to estimate the cost of painting a house per square foot, then the total for a house 1,500 square feet in size will run between $3,500 and $7,000. 

You can also look for a price quote using cost per gallon of paint calculations, depending on the specific product’s quality, the price will average between $20 and $80 per gallon.

If your home has multiple stories, there may be additional costs of painting a house, as well. This is because of the scaffolding, extension ladders, and other equipment necessary to complete the task. 

Also, a multi-storied home will require a scaffolding permit from the city, which adds another $300, more or less, to the final tab.  

Additional Factors that Impact Price

Depending on where you live, other factors can impact the cost of painting a house per square foot. 

For instance, the cost of living within your zip code or city limits may have an impact on the cost of painting a house via a professional painting service like Teaberry Painting. 

A house located in New York City will demand a higher price for painting services than a house located in Gary, Indiana. Typically, this is because of the cost of doing business in each specific location. The higher the cost of living in your area, the higher the price can reach. 

Additionally, the age of your house can have an impact on the total price tag. Generally, older houses cost a little more than newer houses because they frequently require more cleaning, preparation, and repairs before the painting.

Do Painting Services Charge by the Hour? 

By far, labor is the most significant cost for professional painting services like Teaberry Painting. Often, they do calculate an hourly rate for the labor. Professional house painting services charge between $20 and $50 per hour. 

However, rarely will companies quote you a price based on hourly labor. Instead, they usually quote a price based on the combined costs of labor, supplies, and permits, resulting in a total cost of painting a house per square foot. 

Selecting the Correct Paint

Not all brands of house paints are equal in quality. There are high-end brands of house paint and lesser expensive versions. 

For cheaper brands, prices can go as low as $20 per can of paint, while the high-end brands can cost upwards of $80 per can of paint. 

Even wider-ranging still, if your house is brick, and mineral-based paint is required, the price can jump from $100 to $150 per gallon of house paint, depending on the quality of the brand selected. 

Painting Your Own House

At this point, some of the more thrifty homeowners might be wondering how to estimate the cost of painting a house themselves as opposed to hiring a professional, though companies like Teaberry Painting will probably bring a higher level of skill and excellence to the paint job. 

On average, you can grab a paint roller, some brushes, and an extension ladder then get to work on your home exterior for anywhere from $400 to $1,800 if the house is 1,500 square feet. This includes the cost of paint, brushes, other supplies, and even a power sprayer rental system.